Hilda Freyre

Friends... by Hilda Kilpatrick-Freyre

What would we do without our friends?

Those that are close and those that are afar. I have friends all over the world. I see some of them very often and others occasionally, but true friendship never fades. Years can pass and you can re-start right where you left off.

I don’t think I could be on this wonderful artistic path without my friends. I am very lucky to have had a friend help me hang my art at most of my exhibits, others that have been nice enough to critique my paintings, many that have become my collectors. Friends that have attended my art openings or have run to get me the newspaper or magazine where my art was featured. And still other friends that have shown me places that are hidden to the world so that I can see and translate on my canvas; and many that have said “I think you should paint this!”

I am so grateful that YOU are in my life!

Vacation memories by Hilda Kilpatrick-Freyre

This is what happens when you visit a beautiful place and you want it to stay forever in your memory!


When I was little... by Hilda Kilpatrick-Freyre

Since I was a child, I always thought I would be an artist.

Many years after and with my dream of being an artist still intact, I was able to finally dedicate most of my weekends to my art. The continuous wish to continue painting and exploring with oils made my perseverant. I am committed to create art as often as I can. The joy that painting brings to my life is something that I treasure. I am so glad that through time I am still committed to create!

Have a wonderful day!

Morning Light by Hilda Kilpatrick-Freyre

Every morning, the first thing I do is check how the light is showing through the beautiful French doors of this 1920’s house.  It makes me happy to see how the sun reflects on the glass prism, the dispersive prism breaks the light up into the beautiful colors of the rainbow and makes the living room an enchanted place. I have loved color since I was a child, that’s probably the reason I love experimenting with colors on my palette and transferring to my canvas.  After all these years, I am still surprised by the beautiful colors of a finished painting!