I have been painting since 1998, prior to that I worked in pastels while living in my native Peru.  After moving to the United States, I began to seriously develop my skills as a painter.  I studied under Marcia Cummings where I honed my abilities in depicting perspective in the scenes I paint.  I studied drawing under the late illustrator, Glen Orbik and learned to incorporate the human figure in my paintings.

I am influenced by the early California painters as well as the impressionists.  My palette is warm and sunny.  Nature is at the forefront of all of my work.  Most of my work depicts scenes that I fear may not be here forever.  I also paint places that speak to my soul, that make me laugh inside and that make my heart jump with excitement. California scenery has been an inspiration to me for years.  By capturing places on my canvas they remain timeless. I hope to bring sunshine and happiness to whomever looks at one!

Hilda Kilpatrick-Freyre