A Dream Come True by Hilda Kilpatrick-Freyre

It all started about six months ago when I was asked to paint a painting for the cover of The Montecito Magazine, which would be featuring an article about the new Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel in Montecito, Santa Barbara.

I was so excited when I received the call… would you like to be our cover artist for the Spring/Summer issue?  

It was a mix of happiness and feeling scared! What a challenge! Everything had to be according to their specifications.

I am so happy I accepted the challenge and in the meantime, I got to meet wonderful people like Christine Flannery, Story Editor and Nancy Ransohoff, the free-lance writer with whom it was so easy to talk to Our interview lasted more than the regular 45 minutes..

This had been a dream of mine since I moved to the US and started painting… “I want to be on the Montecito Magazine one day”!   

I am telling you… I think it is very powerful what our hearts project… Believe in your dreams!

The new issue of the Montecito Magazine has an article “My Miramar Beach”, where several of my paintings are featured. And, it also has an article about my art “Storyteller Inspired by Nature”




Friends... by Hilda Kilpatrick-Freyre

What would we do without our friends?

Those that are close and those that are afar. I have friends all over the world. I see some of them very often and others occasionally, but true friendship never fades. Years can pass and you can re-start right where you left off.

I don’t think I could be on this wonderful artistic path without my friends. I am very lucky to have had a friend help me hang my art at most of my exhibits, others that have been nice enough to critique my paintings, many that have become my collectors. Friends that have attended my art openings or have run to get me the newspaper or magazine where my art was featured. And still other friends that have shown me places that are hidden to the world so that I can see and translate on my canvas; and many that have said “I think you should paint this!”

I am so grateful that YOU are in my life!

Vacation memories by Hilda Kilpatrick-Freyre

This is what happens when you visit a beautiful place and you want it to stay forever in your memory!